Sorry for the Delay

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Excuse my absence from the web, work and life got a bit hectic. However, no excuses. I let you down. But I am back, and this time it's about to get crazy.

Check out this song, I love it. It's smooth without putting you to sleep, fun without hurting your ears, and just a great tune. Props to Stay Ali.

In other news, I started a new job with ICF International and so far it has been a good experience working with everyone. I contribute my graphic design skills whenever possible and have made some great covers for the government agencies we do consulting for, and I have done a lot of converting and research for various projects. We are always hiring so let me know if you are interested in what we do.

Finally, one last thing before I make you bite your nails for a bit-Daft Punk is doing the album for the new Tron. I know its been out for a while but this is my first posting in ages. But seriously, hell yea.

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