Milli Show Goes On by Slug Fest aka Cap P aka DJ Laryngitis

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So this one is real underground, you probably haven't heard of the artist because he spends most of his time working with me. Cap shared some music he worked on and I wanted to highlight my favorite of the bunch. I think the chorus works really well with the slowed down lyrics from Lil Wayne. However, what song hasn't Lil Wayne killed? There is no denying it. Lupe adds the production value here from "Show Goes On". Glad to see the "A Milli" cut from the background.

It reminds me of his recent VH1 True Story of an Artist where I learned Young Carter almost died after playing with a gun in his own house jamming out to some music. Had to throw that in there.

Listen to the other songs and comment, let him know what you think. These are what he is whipping out with little experience so should be great to follow his progression.


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