super busy, but thought this was funny

Thursday, October 09, 2008

in the midst of working on papers, studying, watching movies with my friend at the library instead of studying, doing Amy's psych homework, etc. I stumbled upon Gmail Goggles...what a dumb idea.

Its a add-on to your gmail account to have you do basic-hard math problems before you can send an email out at certain times of certain days. Drinking and dialing, drinking and mailing is the concept behind the idea but a pile up of even worse things is the end result. Too drunk to answer some math questions but coherent enough to write an email to someone? Not likely. Too drunk to answer some math questions but coherent enough to just use the phone instead, yep. Get ready for more personal ways of telling that special someone how much you love them. Would have been better just to send a lousy email, huh?

At least google as some humor, I guess.

In other news, I went to see the creator of Talked with Frank about his idea, his website, his courage to give millions of people his home address, and finally how much his book was. 24 dollars later I have his book, signed of course in hands. Its a great coffee table book, one to leave out and watch your friends searcg through. Heres some pictures I took of the event.

After today I will have 5 days off from going to class, so that should give me time to write a few posts too.

'till then,

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