Capital Cities Makes Me Feel Safe

Friday, February 03, 2012

This is just incredible, at first I felt the Daft punk vibes, then my ears were blessed with the sensation of some vocals that flowed perfectly with the synth. I am a sucker for a good build up too, and this song nailed it. Just try and not get pumped up. I dare you.

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The original is everything you would hope for in a song. The beat is good, the lyrics, the sound, it all paints a beautiful picture. It cheers me up, gives me energy, and reminds me of those sweet summer nights driving too fast to beat the drive-through closing with a car full of friends.

Mark my words here, Capital Cities will be the next big thing. Support them now and be one of those cool kids who knew what was cool way before everyone else did.

From Capital Cities directly (thanks guys, you rock) : Check out the video too

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