pre-thanksgiving music feast

Monday, November 22, 2010

hey hey

So last week I shared with you the excellence of Brenton Duvall with his Aaliyah remix, which has been raved about. So for a limited time it will be available to download here. Thanks Olivia for the love.

As we all prepare our bellies for some delicious foods to come Thursday, I have been preparing a dish for you all to enjoy. Vegan? Carnivore? No worries, this music is delicious.

The soup: DJ Dain's smooth house, mashup of Swedish House Mafia's "One" with Flo-Rida and David Guetta's "Club Can't Handle Me. Check out those music videos, they are actually worth a watch. I was inspired by Sherf&friends going to see SHM this past Saturday night at Furr in DC. Apparently it was quite a show, didn't hear from any of them until about 9pm the next day...oholler!

and now the Salad: now that you have a warm belly how about some light, get you ready for the rest of the night type salad? Empire of the Sun has been blowing up with dozens of remixes of "Walking on a dream" but I may have found my favorite. This is genius, so good. Don't get bored by the slow build up, a minute into it you will be rewarded...then be thankful for the soft beats because your booty is about to insist on shaking.

the starchy middle meal you don't really need but ends up tasting great: This is an old one, but I don't think many people knew about it or heard it when iTunes picked it up and said this will be a good song to throw some dancing silhouettes at, the remix is upbeat, fun and a funky. enjoy :)

Greenskeepers - Man in the House (911 Remix) DOWNLOAD

THE ENTREE: oh my goodness. get ready to chow down, this bad boy puts the snap in your Rice Krispies. The Fabulous Beatmashers whip up Ke$ha and Beyonce for some Sweet Dreams and Tik don't stop. The piano and track in the back at 1:30~ are just sexy. Check it.

mmm Dessert:after all the crunching and munching, you need something smooth to finish off the perfect meal. I present you Trombone Shorty. Introduced to me by MattyJ and A-Dawg, he opened for this past Friday's DMB concert in good old Charlottesville. Let me just say, this man is good. The voice you wish you had to pick up girls, the rhymes that Snoop has been spitting for years, and then the softness of Sufjan Stevens but with the bad-ass of Robert Downey Jr.

Full? Don't forget a breath mint :)

Also one of my old favorites, but time to share it with the world. Will Smith has been blowing up the movie scene but his old rap was not too shabby, and when paired with some sicknasty beats, it comes alive here. Dave Wrangler makes the Gorillaz's "Summertime" a whole new experience with the over lay of the Fresh Prince. This is the unveiling of a song I think everyone should have, should play, and should share with each other. So its up, ready for you to download. I would love to hear what you think of it, so hit me up.

much love.

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