Bounce (DJ R3hab Remix)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - Bounce (DJ R3hab Remix)

This one comes from the man, the legend, the Protoss queen. Matt J. Thanks Matt!

Another good addition to the world of Calvin Harris, DJ R3hab, thats Rehab for all of you cool kids out there not in on the L33T 5P3AK

And the breakdown:
Nice build up to 30 second bounce edit
Hit that higher note at 43-55 and make me happy
Cue beat at 1:02, great timing
Throw some overlay, OK no need to get fancy, keep it straight to 1:45, at least for personal listening. Great for the club
I see sweaty hair flipping around to this 1:45-2:15
I prefer the sound cut to be harsher and then come back in my face with a song like this, the slow build up is not good for my dance routine... ;)
Wishing I heard more bounces by this point, however I can't stop bobbing my head (3:35)
The ending minute+ are definitely there solely for mixing purposes, I lost interest at 4:15, should end with the bounce in my opinion

Keep posting and sending me videos, I will keep tearing them apart and loving them and sipping on my hater-ade as necessary.


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