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Saturday, November 27, 2010

well hot damn, thanksgiving was just a blast and a half right? don't know about you but my favorite part was after having a perfect meal at the girlfriend's house sitting on the side of the interstate looking at how her 5 day old car no longer has half of its bumper. Thanks semi-truck tire flying through the air.

car broken bumper

so lets cheer up and eat some of these tasty leftovers. this little diddy from Sonnic taking Armand Van Helden and Steve Aoki up a notch. The bass line kicks the whole time, the slowed down "bbbbbbrrrraaaattt" is nasty and it has a lot of energy. perfect for those long nights of "screw it, I am just gonna go crazy on the dancefloor"

OK so I am about to let out a secret, if you can find out how this song relates to me comment and the first one to figure it out wins a prize, like a serious hell yea prize. don't trust me? too bad, I am the one giving out the prize here. the hint is this wonderful song by OH SNAP!! simply titled Bill Cosby Sweater. It sounds so innocent until you play it and can't help but yelling out obscenities describing how amazing it is. Follow it up with two popular remixes, although I have to say that the Kazey and Bulldog remix stops up the flow too much and tries to add the old skool beats/triangle too much but its not bad. I like the Hostage remix better, solid job with the reverb 20 seconds in. You be the judge.

If you have been having one of those Thanksgivings too, this song just eases the pain with its soft xylophone, electronic midis and a sample of some female vocals. From non other than the Digital Farm Animals. Will I See You exemplifies all that is good about the use of electronic instruments, in your face hippies.

Finally I was scouring the internetz and saw Salt Lake City, which I thought of my girlfriend instantly and decided to check it out despite never having heard of the group "Francis Inferno Orchestra" and I am thankful I did. This track is so calm, fun, and nice to listen to that I had to listen to it 3 or 4 times to appreciate everything. I mean bongos? Come on. Stop being so good.

As this blog is continuing to grow I can't do it without your support and help, let me know what types of music you are digging, maybe some suggestions for things you would like to hear in the future and most of all thanks for stopping by,

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