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Monday, November 15, 2010

hey hey, ready to turn up the volume and perhaps get loose on the goose? eh? ehhhh?

so here's whats breaking the speakers at my pad:

recently found out about this dude from New Zealand, Disasteradio. I gotta say it's not bad at all and I like the female vocals in "No Pulse". What do you think?
peep video here.

Next on the shuffle, is my main man DJ Jesse Marco. I listed to all of his songs on Soundcloud, and I think the man is gonna be huge. I like his work a lot, check out his refix of Duck Sauce with some Steve Aoki in the mix. Duckwarp to the rescue.

Ok just one more for now, I am supposed to be at work after all. Lunch breaks are toooooo short.

My friend Anthony C. has been telling me how much he loves Brenton Duvall ever since I showed him the TaySwift and Khalifa mashup. Check out Brenton Duvall...he might be one of my favorites in the mashed (potato) scene.
My Top 3 from him:
I love this one because I'm an old school Aaliyah fan:

so chill...

Thats all folks

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