Movie Today, DJing Tomorrow

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Instead of studying for my test in the morning, I am blogging and watching movies, getting ready to DJ, listening to some tunes, and relaxing. Life is good.

I went and saw an advanced screening of Body of Lies with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Check out the movie trailers there.
In my opinion, the movie was non-stop entertaining action. The down parts of any action movie were filled with interesting strategy, LIES, and lust. Fantastically done.

I also had the pleasure of playing with my new laptop that came, an HP 2710P Tablet PC.

I will be posting a complete review of it when I feel I have that kind of knowledge, I don't want you to go on my review after just a day! So far, excellent though.

So I talked to my friend DJ Eugiebear today at the movie and we will be co-DJing a huge after party at Scezhuan in Charlottesville VA, Facebook event: FULLMOON FEST AFTER PARTY.

Come out and support us, it should be a blast...and by should I mean you have my word.

Write a post if you have any requests for me to mix! See u there.

Time to study, remember to check out my DJ blog: DJ APOLLOMIDAS for upcoming shows and news.

Take care everyone, good night.

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