Yesterday was amazing

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday morning at 8am I woke up to get on the road to Kings Dominion in Virginia. I packed in 4 great people into my SUV- Anthony, Bridgford, Chris, and Rahul. (I wish Rahul's name started with a D because that would have been cool huh?) Listening to some phat tunes (from Snoop to Fischerspooner) we zoomed over to a cloudy empty theme park. Parking feet from the entrance and walking in the cool weather to claim our free tickets (thanks Lizzy) was already putting a smile on my face. We received our tickets and walked into the gate of the park and were greeted by a 1/3rd scale Eiffel Tower and a pretty water fountain. After the standard candid pictures around the sites we strolled past the 5-star photographers who wanted to take our pictures and no one elses to our first destination, a broken roller coaster (not available yet) so we changed our paths to get to the bumper cars. After rocking each other's worlds we had to get on a roller coaster, followed by a trip to Outer Limits which was a ride which was prefaced by a warehouse with a UFO and the ride itself was a 0-80mph shooter in 3 seconds into dark turns and poles about to hit your head--it was fantastic, and then another roller coaster, and then a wonderful wait in a band-aid, shit stained, urine filled cave of a volcano ride that had the only line wait in the park (an hour later we rode the 1 minute ride to our disappointment). After a long wait and grumbling stomachs our gang rolled out of the park (after getting a UV stamp to reenter) to get our free lunch we were promised. Well it turned out to be lunchables--packaged, processed, stomach aches in a plastic molded container not intended for the hungry or picky. After filling up on those beasts we smoked strawberry hashish with Chris's wonderful hookah, this made up for the "lunch". People watched in amazement as our group laughed about silly things and enjoyed life with lungs filled with flavored smoke. My day nearly complete, we got back into the park to ride the Drop Tower, 288 feet of "gravity speed" dropping. Little did I know it would soon be one of the best experiences in my life. After the Drop Tower, we rode the standing-up roller coaster, the Anaconda, the Rebel yell, and then took a break playing lazer-tag. Normally 7 dollars a person, I told the guy that we would pay 20 bucks for our group of 5. The mans brain was convinced and we played an enjoyable game of tag with two homies as our supervisors. In case you were curious the stats were 1st-me, 2nd-Chris, 3rd-Rahul, 4th-Bridgford, 5th-Anthony. Bridgford was wearing down so took a break while Rahul and I rode the wooden roller coaster the Grizzly two times, once in the front row and then afterwards there were two empty seats in the back that we snagged after our ride without going back in line. (at this point I don't know if these sequence of events are right because it was a packed day) 5pm rolled around and Chris was bent on meeting Dora the Explorer, and when we got there I wasn't too bashful to hope to meet Chucky Finster. We waited in line behind the 7 year olds and their parents for our photo-ops and then happily walked to ride some more rides. People exhausted, Anthony, Chris and Bridgford rode a revolving swing while Rahul and I rode the Drop tower some more. We then thought to ourselves how amazing the ride would be if him and I rode on opposite sides (the ride holds about 30 people on each side to counterbalance the fall, and him and I placed alone on either side sounded amazing). After getting all of the people in line behind us and the supervisor and workers of the ride to agree, the ride shut down for just Rahul and I. Him on one side me on the other. The other seats shut and secured and the thumbs up to begin our rise into the air. Every foot that I rose I felt more and more amazing, until I got to the top and looked down on the world, with no on near me and nothing but me and 300 feet of space to my normal position in the world. A natural high would be insufficient to describe the feeling, the air brushing across my face, the smell of victory, and the view of a millionaire. Screaming to my amigo how amazing it was, and faintly hearing his screams back before a sudden fall to the earth. The fall was sudden, but the ride down felt like an eternity of enjoyment. My lungs expelled yells of joy, and my face displayed a euphoria not reached by many. We were Kings of the Dominion.

After the park, we drove to dinner at Himalayan Fusion for some delicious Chicken Tikka Masala, a sip of Tiger beer and an earful of Switchfoot as they played live outside at the C-ville Pavillion venue. What a wonderful conclusion to a day this amazing.

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