Back in Florida

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If you didn't already know, I am back in Florida for the summer. Its a mixed blessing. For one, its pretty miserable to be outside in anything more than a shirt and shorts-shoes optional. The sun is bright, the air is humid. For everyone who complained about it being hot in Charlottesville, come down here for a day. On a good note I was offered a job with the city for the summer and it will be more fun than you can imagine. Hanging out with middle school kids at the local waterpark, the movie theater, fun park with video games/go carts/paintball/batting cages/mini golf and on the off days free pizza party :) ; what is this heaven I speak of? Camp Counselor. I used to have so much respect for those super sophisticated scholars back when I went to the same camp, and now I have the chance to give back to the camp. My friend Mitchell is down for the summer, for the first time since senior year of HS so I am all smiles. We were trying to get a job together but that might not work out, if you know of a place in need of two awesome people let me know.

Time to philosophize. If the sky is blue because of the refraction of the light waves from the sun through gas particles (air) soaking in and emitting blue because of their properties, then why on a cloudy day can there be no new shades of "sky"? Yea I know we have rainbows when the clouds are rain clouds and water is refracted in the arc shape of the horizon but why no colors refracted differently based on the composition of the clouds in our sky? Ahh thats right some of the more polluted nights we have orange/red/purple skys. I just wish we had more pollution all the time then, some very pretty skies would result. My solution to global warming? Enjoy the skies while you can, before we have to stop all the pollutants. :)

On a more serious note (sort of), Mitchell and I were at FedEx Kinkos yesterday getting a sweet panoramic photo of the Swamp (UF Football Stadium) printed for a frame when we started talking about how cool the printer was that was being used to print this 23.6x6.7 photo when Mr. Crazyass started telling us about the death ray idea of the 1930s and the idea of electric bolts flying across the atlantic ocean for some unknown reason. Apparently this man knows every physics law, and what is and isn't possible because he proceeded to tell us how it all worked and could save energy this way or that...then Mitchell said he wished we could use such technology to get rid of our dependence on gasoline. Mr. Crazyass actually step by step told us how to power the world in the future with a tube "about yey big" (while showing us with his hands) with some radioactive material lodged on the inside floating on top of some liquid could create an energy potential that could easily be harvested for any need. Wow. I wish I wrote it all down, but I am pretty sure we talked to the future yesterday, and the future is crazy.
*Disclaimer: I don't think anything this man said was legit or not directly from some History channel special.
To make the day good though, Mitchells mom made us a delicious dinner and afterwards we drove over to the movie theater to see Speed Racer and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Both movies were extremely fun to watch/funny. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilarious honestly. I encourage you to watch them. Lily said that Speed Racer was gay, she sucks. Alright I am done for today-- going to go b my l on someones f and then carry on living my life.

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