Its Early

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So as you can tell its 6:17 in the morning, I have been awake for an hour now, after deciding at midnight to take a nap then wake up before my 930 test to study. Well for the 5 hours I was tossing around in bed, heart beating from all the anxiety that I might wake up late or something, I started thinking of some crazy things. First I had a quick dream about a guy in a wheel chair popping out from Harrison (a building in the dorms I live in) and telling me and a group of friends to shut up because it was too late, and we all stampeded over and stabbed, punched and kicked the guy until he was crying with his face in the concrete. This is insane. A few nights ago a guy named Chris came out (in a polo and khaki shorts, not a wheelchair) and asked us to shut up. Second, I had some really good ideas- such as a magnetic glasses clip near your headboard so when your about to go to sleep you can simply put your glasses close enough to stick to the holder (3M could get in on this with all their hanging ideas for walls). Next, a remote with an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery with a dock like the mouses we all have these days. I am sick of changing batteries and I barely use the remote, so this must be a huge hassle to other people. On the front of the dock would also be a page button which would cause an internal vibration (hey if cell phones can fit one then so can a remote) and ring (customizable of course, Justice/Daft Punk preferable) to find the remote. All problems solved with the remote. I think maybe early morning is where all of my ideas have come from for things of this sort, but thats all I have for today. Time to study.
I also listened to some calvin harris to get me going this morning, check this out.
Listen to the song "Girls" from Calvin Harris

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