Boys Noize and Classixx

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boys Noize is certainly not new to my music collection, but boy are they blowing up. Justice remixing their ICH R U

Check out the original first
Watch out Daft Punk? No but seriously, I am working on my keyboard-keys-suit now for Halloween. Dibs. 

BNR 100 is out March 18th incl. ltd. 12"Vinyl. (100th release on Boysnoize Records) Best of luck BN.

Now onto something that is new to me. Classixx. Ironic right?

Beginning reminded me of something Calvin Harris would spit out, but then it soon became too groovy. By too groovy I mean just the right amount of that Chromeo flair. My recommendation on this song, turn it up. The subtle sounds that comprise this song are outrageous. Love it. Great work and can't wait to check out the rest from Classixx.

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