Chromeo Hot Mess of Remixes

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sure, I love Chromeo. I usually would steer clear of anyone who tries to remix Chromeo, just for the sheer fact that their originals are just stellar. However, I have been following their new stuff closely and it is time to share these beauts with you. All are up for download, while supplies last.

The first one almost made my ears bleed with the high hat (may have been the fact that I forgot my volume was all the way up when I plugged in my headphones). After a brief heart attack, around 53 seconds into the song it smoothed everything over and made it all better. This is that kind of song you have to take a shower after. It's just that funky. What!?

This next one by Skream emphasizes the vocoder talk-box skills of P-Thugg, which is always a bonus to me. Love it. The soft vocals lead you right into a remix that sounds like it could have been on the album, doesn't detract too much from gold of Night By Night.

I had to pull this one out too, a little homage to Whitney Houston--R.I.P.. One of my all time favorites, Hood Internet pulls together Whitney's vocals along with the acoustical genius of Chromeo for one killer sound. I think it goes to show you how classic their sounds truly are, all while still managing to bring something new to the table.

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