Daggering 101

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have already talked with some of you about this mysterious and wild form of dancing found in Jamaica and occasionally at the local Lima nightclub in DC.

It is defined from our lovely friends at urbandictionary.com as:

1.Daggering386 up38 down
This is a Dancehall.Mobi definition of a term or phrase that is popular in the dancehall and / or in the lyrics of Jamaican deejays and singers.

What is daggering? Some call it “dry sex” on the dance floor of a dance or party, but daggering is where a man and woman are dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which usually includes them simulating various sexual positions, and often times, rough sex, to the beat of whatever music is playing at the time. In recent times, dancehall artistes RDX and Mr. Vegas have both released daggering songs in tribute to the newly accepted name for an action / activity that has been present in Jamaica’s dancehalls for many years. 
'Did you see the daggering last night?'

Now that you have educated yourself, you are ready. The time has come, for the exquisite video and music from Major Lazer. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, "Pon De Floor"

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.
My goodness, was that a guy DJ'n on the booty of some princess? If you didn't smile at least 28 times in this video then you have lost your sense of humor. You should have also started to dance because this tune is fantastic.

Don't believe me? Ask Beyonce who just recently sampled it in her new song "Girl (Who Run this World)" (Jay Z enjoys it too right from the start)

If you need anymore proof, this video with some homevideos from Jamaica set to another house banger. Cassablanca's MZO Bullet has a beat that will not disappoint you, if it was cleaned up a bit professionally the song has a lot of potential.

I hope you all got a kick out of this, see you on the dance floor.

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