Kito & Reija Lee - On The Jam Music Video

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drip drop the new beats.

Fresh out the oven Kito and Reija Lee come out just about a week ago with the debut album, Sweet Talk and these two have some great vocals to accompany the tings and bass of the music in the background. Classified as "Dutch Pop" these UK artists are up and coming.

At first the two look like the same person with different wigs but then you notice the lips and nose, but hey this isn't a fashion review.

Mad Decent is constantly bringing us things making us want to dance, and On the Jam is no exception. I think Naik (Australian filmmaker) did a killer job on the video and whoever is working on those high hats, keep it up.

Come on everyone, get on the jam

Looks like they have separate MySpace accounts and Kito is the bigger of the two, sorry Reija.

Buy the music on itunes

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