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Friday, March 18, 2011

That's right everyone, cavscorner.blogspot.com is now sponsored by Sears.com, not fully but they are backing us up with some free stuff, tons of codes for discounts, and money off purchases.

What does this mean? Well I will try to incorporate the best coupon they give me in each post, if they give it to me every week, and I pass it to you. What else though Cav, get real.

More music, more reviews, more devotion. This is the first step to getting big and I can't do it without you, comment, send me a message if you want to do a review, and most of all keep coming back for the best music around. I got you.

Thanks for being so great everyone,

Exclusive Online Only Savings EXTRA $5 off Sears.com orders of $50 with code SEARS2011 thru 12/31

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